23 Wrapped in Red Street

Underfloor Heating

An under floor heating system is installed throughout the entire house. The heating is controlled through a central wireless system, supplied by Danfoss Engineering. This central system can be adjusted to your comfort level in each room of the home with a digital display unit.

Audio Visual and Internet Connectivity

Indoor and outdoor living spaces, Kitchen, Bedrooms and Garage are all fitted with surround sound speaker, TV and network LAN ethernet connections, along with AV plug points strategically placed to ensure web connectivity throughout. All of which are able to be centrally controlled via an online intelligent…

Solid Wooden Doors

Through out number 23, extra height interleading doors have installed by Riccardo Carpentery these have been crafted out of solid meranti wood for extra strength and longevity. All interleading doors are lockable. For more information about these doors, click through

Aluminium Shop and Sliding doors

The Kitchen and Dining areas run down three wide concrete steps into two elaborate wooden floored Lounge spaces. Both enclosed by large 2.5 metre high sliding doors, that open onto a wooden deck wrapping itself conveniently around the front of the house. These bolt locking, elaborate aluminium…

Wooden Flooring

Oggie solid oak wood floors have been laid beautifully in all the homely living areas of the house to offer that warm cosy feel while you stroll through the house bare foot. The Danish white finish presents a neutral canvas for any home furnishings to fit in…

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