23 Wrapped in Red Street

Underfloor Heating

An under floor heating system is installed throughout the entire house. The heating is controlled through a central wireless system, supplied by Danfoss Engineering. This central system can be adjusted to your comfort level in each room of the home with a digital display unit.

Audio Visual and Internet Connectivity

Indoor and outdoor living spaces, Kitchen, Bedrooms and Garage are all fitted with surround sound speaker, TV and network LAN ethernet connections, along with AV plug points strategically placed to ensure web connectivity throughout. All of which are able to be centrally controlled via an online intelligent…

Municipal Water Purification

All municipal water supplied into the home is managed through a fresh water UV light filtration and reticulation system supplied by Nimbus water purification,  ensuring that all water used in the house is crystal clear and healthy to drink. For more information about this system, please click through

Rain Water Collection

The roof of each of the living areas were constructed to collect rain water through the pitch run off and a cleverly designed concrete sloot running the full length of this space, this feeds two 5000l Jojo tanks tucked neatly away in the utilities courtyard. Water collected…

Solar PV Solutions

Tucked away in this incredible home you will find a future proof 65 kw PV (Solar) facility neatly worked into the façade of the North facing Garage roof, offering day time running and a battery back up electricity system for the darker days. For more information on…

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